Made In America

Sorrentino Mariani

We are proud to be an American manufacturer. For over twenty years, we have made furniture in the United States for the hospitality industry, government lodging and senior living facilities. It is the best way to deliver quality-crafted casegoods on time, on budget and to specification.

Each and every piece of furniture that leaves our factory started here. We do not outsource our manufacturing. We do not assemble pieces made overseas. Every part of your project takes place in our Norfolk, Virginia factory; engineering, cutting, sanding, assembling, finishing and shipment preparation.

Having every aspect of your job take place here ensures effective and efficient communication. We make certain your needs and specifications are clearly conveyed at every stage of production. Your job never gets lost in translation.

Of course, we operate in a global economy. Sorrentino Mariani has an array of resources worldwide from wood species to deco hardware to stone tops to meet the most demanding specifications.